Responsive Mobile Themes for WordPress


Web content is increasingly being accessed by mobile browsers from smartphones like iPhone or Android. I can now offer a WordPress responsive mobile theme which will optimize your current WordPress website for browsing on mobile phones. You can then ‘drive’ both your desktop and mobile versions from the same WordPress website. There are significant benefits for website owners to have their websites optimized for mobile phones (see below).

Advantages of Mobile Website Optimization

The following video pretty well sums up why you should be looking to extend your WordPress website into the mobile phone arena:

Mobile means Mobile!

Sounds obvious but think about it……..your website can be accessed anytime, anywhere giving you huge potential for connecting with your customers.

Better Navigation

Quite often ‘desktop’ designed sites, as good as they are, are quite difficult to navigate through when using a mobile phone -the mobile optimized themes I offer allow for easy navigation. If you own a smartphone, try browsing the mobile version of my website-you will find the navigation much easier than if you viewed the ‘desktop’ version of my website on your phone.

Faster Page Load Speed

The system I use allows faster page load speeds when viewed on mobile than a conventional website giving your visitors a better and easier browsing experience.

Improved Search Engine Optimization

There is strong evidence to suggest that having a mobile version of your website will help your ranking in search engine results  on mobile-friendly search engines like Google or Yahoo. Given that it is estimated that by 2013-2014 web browsing via mobile devices will actually overtake web browsing from ‘desktop’ devices this is a bit of a no-brainer!

Better Engagement for Your Visitors

A mobile -optimized website will engage visitors with facilities like click-to call and mapping facilities. Mobile phones benefit from location-aware technologies which are particularly important if you are a local business, since it allows users to connect with your website if they are in the immediate geographical vicinity.

Giving You That Competitive Edge…..

Having a mobile-friendly website will help you stand out from the competition and make your company branding/image look contemporary compared to your competitors. If your website is clean, simple and easier to navigate than your competitors, it will therefore be more likely to engage your visitors than your competitors’ websites.

E-Commerce for Mobile

Having a mobile -optimized website can be particularly critical if you are offering digital downloads such as MP3’s or E-books since these types of media are often consumed almost exclusively via mobile phone…musicians, artists and writers take note!!!